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Triple Telescopic Hose Used In Garden Copper Plated Telescopic Pipe

Triple Telescopic Hose Used In Garden Copper Plated Telescopic Pipe

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The Triple Telescopic Hose is a versatile and practical tool designed for various outdoor applications such as car washing, garden irrigation, and cleaning. Made from durable plastic material, this hose is built to withstand regular use and is suitable for both residential and commercial purposes.

With a package size of 400 x 360 x 150 mm, the hose is compact and easy to store. It can be conveniently stored in a shed or garage when not in use, minimizing clutter and maximizing space efficiency.

The hose features a triple telescopic design, allowing it to expand and contract as needed. The hose can extend to different lengths depending on the chosen specification: 25FT (7.5 m after telescopic), 50FT (15 m after telescopic), 75FT (22.5 m after telescopic), or 100FT (30 m after telescopic). This flexibility in length ensures that you can reach various areas of your garden or car with ease.

The hose is made from latex material, which is known for its elasticity and durability. The latex material provides resistance to kinks and tangles, ensuring a smooth water flow and preventing interruptions during use.

The Triple Telescopic Hose comes in different color options based on international standards, including European standard, American standard, and Japan and South Korea standards. This allows you to choose a color that matches your personal preference or coordinates with your existing gardening equipment.

This hose is designed for multiple uses, making it a versatile tool for various tasks. It can be used for car washing, watering plants, greening your garden, and general cleaning. Its versatility makes it an essential item for homeowners and gardeners alike.

In summary, the Triple Telescopic Hose is a durable and flexible tool for outdoor tasks such as car washing, garden irrigation, and cleaning. With its plastic construction, compact package size, telescopic design, and latex material, this hose provides convenience and reliability for your gardening and cleaning needs.

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